Wide Area, Fast Speed, High Efficiency

- Jun 19, 2018-

Plasma is usually described as the fourth state of matter. We generally speak of three states: solid, liquid, and gaseous. The most common substance, H2O, its three states are ice, water and steam. The difference between these three states lies in how much energy they contain. If we add energy to ice, it forms water, which is liquid. If more energy is added, steam is formed. If you add enough energy to the gas, you will find a huge change in its physical properties. A highly ionized, hot gas consisting of ions, electrons, and neutrons - formed by plasma.

Many laws of current flowing through metal can also be used on plasma arcs. For example: When the cross section of the plasma arc is blocked, its resistance and temperature increase, but the current remains unchanged. The high temperature of the plasma arc and its kinetic energy are used in plasma cutting. The working principle of the CNC plasma cutting machine is to use compressed air as the working gas and high-temperature and high-speed plasma arc as the heat source to partially melt the cut metal and simultaneously blow away the melted metal with a high-speed airflow to form a narrow slit.

1. Wide cutting area, can cut all metal plates;

2. Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed up to 10m/min;

3. The cutting accuracy is higher than that of flame cutting. Underwater cutting has no distortion. Fine plasma cutting has higher accuracy.