Why To Choose A Multi-process CNC Router?

- Jul 23, 2019-

Firstly, we need to know what is a multi-process CNC router. In the engraving machine industry, the multi-process CNC router mainly include two-process CNC router, a three-process CNC router and four-process CNC router. According to the number of processes, different engraving machines are equipped with different spindles. Each spindle is equipped with a different tool. According to different machining requirements, the required spindle starts to work, and the other spindles are in a standby state. This not only saves time for manual tool change, but also improves production efficiency.


Secondly, we should consider what are the advantages of the multi-process engraving machine compared with the ordinary engraving machine? The following is the advantages of multi-process engraving machine from six aspects of processing efficiency, processing materials, operation difficulty, processing effect, scope of application and applicable customers.

1. Processing efficiency. We all know that the multi-process engraving machine has more than two spindles compared with the ordinary CNC router, so the multi-process engraving machine has advantages in processing efficiency.

2. Processing materials. Multi-process engraving machine can process all materials that can be processed by ordinary engraving machine, and it can also process various acrylic, PVC board, MDF, artificial marble, aluminum board and other materials.


3. Operation difficulty. the operation difficulty of the multi-process engraving machine is the same as that of the ordinary engraving machine. Both are controlled by computer system, and the operation is simple.

4. Processing effect. The multi-process engraving machine and ordinary engraving machine can complete the basic functions of flat carving and cutting, but the multi-process engraving machine can also complete more patterns, such as relief and shadow carving.

5. Application scope, multi-process engraving machine can process complex woodwork art carvings in addition to ordinary doors and windows, cabinets, screens, furniture carvings, mold carvings, etc., which are not possible with ordinary woodworking engraving machines.

6. Applicable customers. The multi-process engraving machine not only satisfies all the engraving work that ordinary users can do, but also completes some complicated engraving , so it is also suitable for customers with complex engraving needs.

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