What Should We Do After The Cnc Machine Powered Off?

- Mar 30, 2019-

What should we do after the cnc machine powered off?

 What should I do if the cnc machine cannot return to the origin after power failure?

        I think everyone is more troubled with this issue.

        When we use the cnc machine, we can always encounter the problem of power failure and power failure. Once the power is cut off, we will not continue to engrave the misplacement. The original point will not go back. The following Ruotai CNC engraving machine will tell you about the method.

        First of all, the engraving machine has only one machine origin. This point is a point that will never change. When we use the engraving machine, we will return the z-axis, x-axis and y-axis to the mechanical origin. After ok, After the power failure, I was not afraid. When we used the engraving machine, the computer and the engraving machine suddenly turned off, or the computer crashed and everything failed. We could not continue the engraving machine. At this time, we put the three axes of xyz. Go back to the machine origin, and then click on to continue the engraving. Of course, you can adjust the break number later in the advanced start. If you don't know that the tube is not working, then after returning to the machine origin, return to the workpiece. Origin, this point is the processing origin that we set ourselves when we processed.

        In order to reduce unnecessary losses, you must remember to return the machine's xyz axis to the machine origin when you work! If you feel that it is inconvenient to return to the machine origin every time, then the breakpoint point of the knife servo is generally not misaligned, unless the 45 degree knife, the next yz axis is fine.