What's The Use Of Woodworking Panel Production Line

- Apr 08, 2019-

what's the use of woodworking panel production line


First of all, many customers do not understand the significance of the panel furniture production line for the whole house customization. We refer to the whole house customization refers to the production of cabinets and cabinet doors. For those who are just in contact with production, they will think about the cabinet doors. Do not know, with the popularization of numerical control equipment in recent years, the whole house customization has blossomed everywhere, and the competition in various places is also very fierce. How to make yourself stand out in the fierce competition, you need to consider what kind of equipment, production equipment It represents the hard power of a factory. For factories with quality requirements, we must choose high-quality equipment. This is to choose the right manufacturer. We must focus on the use of the problem. If the manufacturer determines it, we must determine the model. According to the customer's needs, we recommend the right model for the customer.

General plate furniture production line The whole house custom model includes four-process cutting machine, double-process drilling machine, machining center cutting machine, machining center drilling and cutting machine, etc. It is used for vertical hole and pull of cabinet. The tank and the cutting machine can be combined with double worktables and automatic loading and unloading according to the production budget to increase the output and facilitate the operation. The rear end is equipped with an infrared side hole machine for horizontal holes. The output is 40-60 sheets/8 hours, which meets the needs of small and medium-sized furniture factories. If the output is higher, it is necessary to choose more intelligent equipment. The appearance of CNC six-faced drill can directly increase the output by 30%-50 %, the daily output reaches 80-100 sheets/8 hours, and the numerical control equipment is continuously updated, in order to meet the processing needs of customers in different periods, so when selecting equipment, consider whether it can be used later.

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