Five Aspects affect Accuracy Of CNC Cutting Machine

- Mar 18, 2019-

Five aspects that affect the accuracy of CNC cutting machines?


1. Is the CNC machine tool body stable? If the body is under pressure and the deformation has an impact on the cutting precision, the final solution is to change the equipment. Therefore, when selecting the machine, the bed is also a part to be considered;

2. the wear of the guide rail, if the use of cheap rails, wear and tear in the high-speed machining process, will result in unstable operation, and thus marketing accuracy;

3. Check if the CNC feeder system is normal. If there is any error message about the CNC opener in the system, you can no longer use it to work and find out the cause of the error and repair it.

4. Measure whether the size of the workpiece will exceed the range of the pneumatic clamp of the CNC feeder and make adjustments. Once the shape of the workpiece is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment to a large extent, and more serious damage may occur to the machine.

5. The pressure device of the CNC cutting machine can perform normal processing after the test has no problem.