Vacuum Table No Sunction Power

- Dec 25, 2018-


In the use of wood cnc router, there may be a phenomenon that the vacuum table has no suction and cannot absorb the plate. What is the reason for this? How should it be solved? Let's look at the analysis of the SUDIAO cnc router manufacturer. 1. Is the motor line voltage normal? 2. Whether the water circulation air pump adds less water, whether the motor is stuck or not, and the rotating shaft of the motor fan protection net is removed; 3. The filter in the vacuum pump is blocked and cleaned; 4. The countertop or pipe has a gas leakage phenomenon; 5, forward and reverse exchange motor, any two lines change the direction of the motor. The woodworking engraving machine adopts vacuum adsorption to fix the plate, which can not only be firmly fixed, but also does not move and sculpt dislocation, etc., and the plate is fixed relative to the splint, which can save the plate and engrave to the edge of the plate, saving time and labor.

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