To Ensure Its Service Life, It Must Be Maintained In Time

- Jun 19, 2018-

Through the analysis of the market and sales channels of CNC cutting machines, the technology and functions of CNC cutting machines have largely satisfied the needs of consumers. However, the deepening market for CNC cutting machines has not yet been opened, and sales methods also have a lot of room for improvement. We understand and analyze some internal industries. 

Use industry 

1. The application of CNC lathes and processing machine tools requires the cutting technology of CNC cutting machines. It can be used in aerospace technology, instrumentation research, and biochemical engineering. 

2. Some large-scale lathes and heavy-duty CNC equipment can use the cutting technology of CNC cutting machines, which are generally used in military processing, large-scale mold processing, and ship subject construction. 

3, in some high-precision, high-speed machining centers can be applied, such as automotive engines, there are some light metal materials and other industries can have applications. 

4. Many edge industries have applications. Our sales methods should also be changed along with the industry. Let the consumers know the benefits of CNC cutting machines. 

How to do maintenance 

CNC cutting machine is used in so many industries. In order to ensure its service life, it must be maintained in time. Always pay attention to wipe, check the working fluid, lubricating oil, check the internal structure for impurities and dust, etc. The smooth progress of the work, in accordance with the instructions during the use of the operation, will not be used do not tamper with, otherwise it is likely to have the risk of electric shocks, cuts and other risks. 

After we use the CNC cutting machine, we must turn off the power and wipe the machine clean. Otherwise, the cutting machine can easily enter the magazine. Especially in some chemical engineering workshops, it is vulnerable to corrosion and cannot be used.