To Achieve The Effect Of Environmental Protection, Energy Saving And Emission Reduction

- Jun 19, 2018-

In the normal flame cutting process, the cutting oxygen flow is slightly behind an angle relative to the vertical cutting torch, and the corresponding offset is called the rear drag. When the speed is too low, there is no rear drag, and the bouquet of flowers at the cut below the workpiece shifts toward the cutting direction. If the speed of the torch is increased, the fire bouquet will be shifted in the opposite direction. When the bouquet of fire and the flow of cutting oxygen are parallel, the cutting speed is considered normal. When the speed is too high, the fire bouquet will obviously go backwards. These are the workers' masters who have continuously summed up the long-term practice.

In the flame cutting process of the steel plate, the height from the cutting nozzle to the cut working surface is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the incision and the cutting speed. Different thickness of the steel plate, the use of different parameters of the cutting nozzle, should adjust the height. In order to ensure a high-quality incision, the height of the cutting nozzle to the surface of the cut workpiece must be kept substantially uniform throughout the cutting process.

Having mastered the above three factors that affect the flame cutting quality of the steel plate, the production efficiency will surely be significantly improved. For natural gas cutting customers, Shenque Technology has a better way to provide and supplement some of the disadvantages of natural gas cutting. How can this be achieved? That is, the use of Shenye rare earth fuel gain agent, can fully meet the cutting requirements of cutting thin plates and thick plates and even ladle, and the cutting effect is good, cutting speed is much faster than pure natural gas. This is why many users of acetylene cutting gas and propane cutting gas have started to use energy-saving industrial gas. Have you met these requirements and are you worried that the cost of steel flame cutting will not drop? Not only that, on the basis of cost reduction, it can also achieve the effect of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction!