The Secret You Have To Know About The Choice Of Spindle Of CNC Router

- May 21, 2019-

As we all know that CNC router is generally equipped with a high performance spindle to play its role. The spindle can be used for high speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling and so on. When the spindle rotates at a high speed, it generates a lot of heat. If the heat is not cooled in time, it will have a great influence on the service life of the spindle, and even burn the spindle. There are two main cooling methods for the spindle including water cooling and air cooling. But what kind of cooling method which you need for spindle? As the leader of the CNC router industry, Blue Elephant recommends the following suggestions.

Is it better to use the water cooling spindle or the air cooling spindle? Many customers who need purchase engraving machines will face the question. In response to this problem, the professional engineers from Blue Elephant listed the difference between water cooling spindle and the air cooling spindle of the engraving machine. Maybe it’s helpful to choose.

1. Cooling effect. Water cooling method use water circulation to cool the spindle. The temperature of the spindle is guaranteed to be below 40 degrees after water circulation, whose cooling effect will be much better than water cooling method.

2. Noise. The water cooling spindle motor is basically free of noise, and the air cooling spindle motor is relatively noisy compared to water cooling.

3. Service life. Water-cooled spindle can be extended the service life by human factors, such as changing water or using industrial water coolers, so its service life is longer than that of air-cooled spindle.

4. Accuracy. The axial and radial run out of the water cooling spindle are basically below 0.003 mm, which has higher precision than air cooling spindle.

5. Easy to use. Since the water cooling spindle needs to be connected to the water pump, it needs a bucket to hold the water. And it needs to be connected to the water pipe. Especially in the cold winter in the north, water pipes are easy to ice, which may be more troublesome for customers in the cold winter. At this time, the air cooling spindle is more suitable.

Tips: When choosing a cooling method, it is recommended to consider the purchase budget, as well as local natural conditions such as local water resources, temperature and other factors. Of course, you can also contact us to get the most professional advice according to your specific needs.

Through the comparison of the above two different cooling methods, do you know how to choose different spindles?