The Performance And Characteristics Of Cabinet Door CNC Router

- Apr 09, 2019-

Furniture Cabinets Cnc Nesting Machine

Compared with the traditional CNC router, cabinet door CNC router has its own unique features and characteristics: 

1. Intelligent cross-border protection The cabinet door engraving machine with intelligent processing cross-border protection functions can prevent mechanical collision problems, humanized design, make the processing more secure.

2. Intelligent speed control The cabinet door CNC router processing speed intelligent control function, can automatically control the processing speed, to truly improve the work efficiency, improve the rate of qualified products, but also prolong the service life of the mechanical better. 

3. Advanced prediction algorithm The cabinet door CNC router uses three curve advanced prediction algorithm, to ensure the smooth curve, the running speed and accuracy. 

4. Simple micro macro control The cabinet door CNC router adopts the micro macro control, easy to learn, easy operation, convenient for users to quickly master the use of equipment. 

5. The unique pressure plate device The cabinet door CNC router uses a unique pneumatic clamp device, electromagnetic valve control, feeding speed and efficiency. 

6. Advanced document processing The cabinet door CNC router adopts advanced file pre-processing, intelligent processing to correct errors in the file, and can be compatible with various processing software code. 

7. Advanced control system The cabinet door CNC router uses the embedded NC system, wireless upgrade control, anti-jamming design to ensure the reliable operation of the system. 

8. Good mechanical structure The cabinet door CNC router adopts steel seamless welding performance is good, not easy to deformation. 

9. Intelligent continued carving function The cabinet door CNC router has a function of breakpoint, continued carving off, automatically return to the starting point to ensure the machining accuracy error correction.