The Basic Problem Of The Main Shaft Of The Discharging Machine, Yingduifangfa

- Nov 16, 2018-

Whether it is the main shaft or other failure of the CNC material opener, it must be analyzed and solved according to specific reasons. In this way, it can better solve the problem and make the equipment run normally as soon as possible.
1, CNC material opener spindle reversal: Solution: directly check whether the motor line is missing phase or the output UVW end replacement;
The main shaft of the CNC material opener makes a strange sound: Solution: Check whether the motor is overloaded; It is possible that there is a fault inside the motor and it should be repaired or replaced in time.
3, CNC material opener spindle hot: solution: first check whether the water pump is working, but also to see whether the lower circulation water surface;
4, CNC material opener spindle has no power, turning: Solution: check the circuit, check whether the motor line is missing phase, or whether the cable short circuit;
For some disassembly of equipment accessories, must be careful, as far as possible to communicate with the manufacturers and discuss, and then the corresponding solution