The Advantages Of S1-4C CNC Nesting Machine For Small And Medium-sized Panel Furniture Enterprises

- Aug 03, 2019-

The advantages of S1-4C CNC Nesting machine for Small and medium-sized panel furniture enterprises


With the continuous development and advancement of technology, CNC intelligent has gradually replaced labor, and its performance has become more and more prominent in the panel furniture industry. As a traditional processing and manufacturing industry, furniture was basically operated by carpentry masters. Later, with the development of society, many furniture companies continued to transform into the panel furniture industry. The corresponding operating equipment also went from hand-planing to table saws. Developed to the current CNC cutting machine.

S1-4C CNC Nesting Machine is a special machine specially used for plate-type custom furniture cutting and punching. It can replace the traditional cutting equipment and get rid of the dependence of traditional cutting mode on artificial. The vertical hole is also in one go, and through The combination of POLYBOARD software realizes customized intelligent production such as cabinet wardrobe, which saves labor, materials and time!

S1-4C CNC Nesting Machine is deeply used as the basic equipment. Small and medium-sized panel furniture companies favor.

Small and medium-sized panel furniture enterprises choose the advantages of four-process cutting machine:

1, the function is full, the cabinet and the door panel can be taken into consideration. For small and medium-sized cabinets and wardrobe factories, the output is not very high, but it can be used in one machine.

2, the budget is low, the price of the four-process cutting machine compared to other models of CNC cutting machine is lower, which is very cost-effective for the panel furniture enterprises whose budget is not very high.

3. Simple operation and maintenance,S1-4C CNC Nesting Machine operation are simple,  workers can operate with simple training, saving labor costs.

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