The Advantage Of The Board Type Furniture CNC Opener

- Nov 10, 2018-

1. The new generation of CNC opener, instead of traditional manual operation, is the leader of the woodworking industry, and improves the utilization ratio of the board. The opener is made of milling cutter, which can be turned in any direction and can cut the special-shaped plate.
2. Save labor, push table saw 2 people operate one machine, one person operates multiple machines (limited to automatic upper and lower feeding machine), no need to pay high salary and poor management for recruitment or personnel.
3, to reduce the labor intensity, cutting speed, cutting machine work is continuous, pushing and pushing Taiwan saw, board move to Noah teng teng, artificial strength, time is spent on board. It's up to size.
4. The machine is a fool operation, all data dimensions are calculated by computer, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small work, after the manufacturer 3~5 hours training can be on duty.
5. The machine can be suspended at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and preview the plane and the solid diagram of the carving path, the steerless speed regulation is convenient for carving different materials, and it is suitable for different industries.
6. The dust of the feeding machine is small, and the suction effect of the opener is much better than that of the push table saw.
7. The automatic upper and lower material is fully automatic, which is the optional function. The ordinary open material machine is the artificial upper and lower material, and the machine can be used to rest in the middle when machining, greatly reducing the labor intensity.
1. The feeding machine is equipped with special typesetting software, which can realize automatic typesetting and the function of cutting, cutting, and vertical punching, etc., which can replace the big saw, save sawing and save cost.
2. It is suitable for the production of diversified and complex products, such as wood door industry, cabinet industry, board furniture batch, and diversified product of zero component (such as cabinet).
The numerical control opener is bound to develop faster and faster. Only with the development trend of The Times, can the enterprise advance by leaps and bounds. To be a good enterprise, it must be the leading technology!
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