SUDIAO CNC ROUTE Equipment Maintenance

- Jan 16, 2019-

SUDIAO CNC ROUTER Equipment maintenance 


Do not change the machine or appliance without understanding or authorization, otherwise it may cause malfunction or injury! Turn off the main power supply when servicing. Always consult with your electrician when working with the machines supply voltage! Maintenance replacement parts must meet the specifications of the technical documentation. Please consult the manufacturer or dealer prior to replacing parts. (

1) The operator should develop proper habits of maintaining the equipment. (

2) Routine maintenance includes cleaning surrounding work area, spindle motor, work table, control cabinet, chuck, and nut of the spindle motor daily. 

(3) Clean the spindle, X, Y, and Z-axis slide bearings, guide rails, gears, precision racks, and lubricate. Add lubricating oil if the lubricating oil can be evenly distributed on the transmission parts which will extend the lifespan of the machine. Check all wiring connection cables, and proximity switches to ensure secure connections are made. Make sure all fixing screws of servo motor and motor shaft in the three directions of X, Y, Z are tight. 

(4) Check regularly if the emergency stop button is normal. 

(5) Regularly clean the cooling ventilation system of the numerical control device. Always check if the cooling fans on the CNC device work properly. The inspection should be conducted once every six months or one quarter depending on the conditions of the workshop environment. 

(6) Regularly monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system.

(7) Prevent dust from entering the CNC device, and ensure to remove any debris build up within the electrical cabinet using light air. 

(8) It should be noted that CNC machine tools are not suitable for long term storage. The purchased machine should be put into production as soon as possible. If the CNC machine goes without use for a long time, the electronic components may collect moisture and the performance of the CNC machine will be reduced or damaged. Therefore, when the machine is idle for long periods of time, the CNC system should be regularly maintained and kept dry. 

(9) Check guide rails and remove debris before operating and ensure proper lubrication. 

(10) Make sure the servo motor tooth rack rail is kept clean and free

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