SUDIAO CNC - Custom Furniture Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line

- Aug 16, 2019-

Since its official launch at the Hannover Messe in April 2013, Industry 4.0 has quickly become another label for Germany and has triggered a new round of industrial transformation competition around the world. Industry 4.0 mainly includes three major themes, one is “smart factory”, the other is “smart production”, and the third is “smart logistics”. The truth is that Germany is not just a country in order to deal with de-industrialization, bringing Internet of Things and smart services to manufacturing. Although the formulation is different, the content is similar. The top-level design of China's manufacturing industry - "Made in China 2025" has also been launched in the first half of the year.

Industrial 4.0 custom furniture intelligent automation connection mainly realizes the integration of the processes of material cutting, edge sealing, drilling, sorting and packaging to realize the unmanned factory production mode. SUDIAO CNC is engaged in research, design, development, production of automatic labeling drilling and drilling center, custom cabinet wardrobe intelligent hole feeder, CNC six-sided drilling, CNC panel saw, intelligent cabinet connection, cabinet wardrobe molding door panel line , multiple six-sided drilling and cutting machine connection, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly processing center and other woodworking CNC machining center products. As early as 2016, the company has started to plan the whole house custom intelligent unmanned production line, and implemented it. It has been delivered to the China Science and Technology Museum's "Made in China 2025" exhibition project in 2017. The project combines robots and the Internet to further speed the smart board furniture production line. The upgrade has achieved the effect of interaction between manufacturers, production service providers and users on an open and shared network platform.

At present, the custom furniture industry is gradually developing towards formalization and scale. How to develop from the stand-alone mode to the automated connection mode is a major need for customized furniture factories. Intelligent custom furniture production is the development trend of the furniture industry in the future, and it is also the only way for furniture enterprises to upgrade and transform. Based on the current background of the manufacture and upgrade of panel furniture, the company carried out production processes such as multiple feeder connection, multiple six-sided drill connection, full-process cabinet intelligent connection, and wardrobe molding door panel connection in 2018. Fully automatic, semi-automatic planning and design project. In the next two to three years, the company is committed to providing the woodworking industry with a stable and viable solution for automation applications.

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