Spindle Maintenance Of Multi-process Cutting Machine

- Mar 19, 2019-

spindle maintenance of multi-process cutting machine


Multi-step cutting machine spindle bending - no more than 0.02 mm / 1000 mm. The radial runout of the test rod loaded into the taper hole is not more than 0.01 mm at the end of the spindle and not more than 0.0 mm at 300 mm from the end face. When the ellipticity, conicity and bounce are out of tolerance, the outer brace and the taper are to be ground.


Surface finish - 10 grades. The tapered hole with severe wear in the multi-process cutting machine can be repaired in series. The support bushings of the main shaft are generally reworked. Press it into the hollow main shaft, and then install it on the lathe to go to the inner hole. The diameter of the bushing and the matching accuracy of the main shaft and the sleeve are determined by the index inner diameter side.


After that, the multi-process spindle is placed on the V-shaped iron, and the spindle is rotated to check its curvature (the dial gauge of the outer surface is beaten, the taper of the taper is checked by the inspection rod). Tolerance: Outer ellipticity - no more than 0.005 mm, the cone taper is not greater than one. .005 mm / 1000 mm.


Allowable deviation One set of aperture deviation and roundness deviation - no more than 0.01 square meters. The multi-process inserter spindle should be able to move smoothly in the hollow spindle with a diameter gap between 0.01 and 0.02 mm.

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