SIDIAO CNC Equipment Warranty Details

- Jan 16, 2019-

SUDIAO CNC Equipment warranty details (Please pay attention) 

  1. the key parts warranty cycle Calculated from the time the machine leaves the factory. Under the condition that the machine is working normally for 8 hours/day, our company undertakes the warranty for key parts of the machine. The specific warranty time is as follows:

    (1) Purchase this engraving machine, bed, drive, frequency converter, spindle (one-year warranty for spindle produced by this company, half year warranty for outsourced spindle), screw, guide rail, drive motor, reducer, control system main part (limited Genuine), equipment cable, the above accessories can be a one-year warranty;

    (2) Control system data line (limited to original), cabinet board (limited to original), light switch, above accessories can get 3 months warranty;

    (3) Other vulnerable parts are not warranted.

  2. Please keep A card after purchase, and return B card within ten days, otherwise the company will only provide paid warranty.

   3. Please mark (or specify) the product number. 

   4. Because of the natural forces and artificial damage, due to improper repair, resulting in the normal use of the machine, because the abuse beyond the scope of use, the loss of buyer personnel, improper operation, resulting in the use of the machine cannot be used, the company will only provide paid services.