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The router and supplier partnership you choose is not a decision to take lightly. You’re going to be together for years…


The day you decide you’re going to tool-up with a production router or digital cutter begins, for most people, quite a journey. Deciding which of the many systems out there is the one for you is not a decision you should, or will, take lightly. Unlike cutting plotters or printers which have a relatively frequent churn-and-change rate, routers and digital cutters are going to be sat in the workshop for years. If, it transpires, the router you elect isn’t something that’ll carry you through the next decade or so, you may just have bought the wrong one.

The entry point for wanting a router has, roughly speaking three doors, one of which you’ll have come through. You may be spending a lot on sub-contract services and would like to take control of the jobs you do. You may see an opportunity to do work that you may be turning away now. You may see all manner and means of expanding and covering more market opportunities. You may, of course, have reasons that are entirely your own.

The Right Router…

You have to start somewhere and most of the good advice you’ll come across will suggest beginning with the fundamentals. They’re not so much ‘features,’ rather the baked-in DNA of the system you’re looking at. Here at Complete CNC Solutions that’s an approach we strongly advocate. It’s not just because the SUDIAO CNC routing hardware we sell and support does well under such scrutiny. It’s because it excludes lots of hardware that appears well qualified superficially, but a closer look reveal all sort of chinks in its armour.

SUDIAO routers are what you might call ‘big-boned’ and that’s a very good thing. It makes for an intrinsic stiffness in the assembly that’s absolutely essential in terms of output quality. The money you spend on your router is very quickly overtaken by the money you’ll spend ‘improving’ or ‘finishing’ its output if the quality is not right. Every ‘loose’ or ‘lightweight’ element in your router’s fundamental engineering leaves its fingerprints on the edges of what you’ll cut. The stiffer the machine, the better the output. The better the output, the less time you’ll have to invest making it saleable. 

SUDIAO routers are commonly referred to as being ‘over-engineered.’ That’s not something we’ll try and hide from at Complete CNC Solutions and it’s made entirely acceptable when the same expert views say SUDIAO is ‘fairly ‘priced.’ We agree. SUDIAO give you a lot of very advanced, high quality engineering for your money. Add to that, it’s quality that endures. Make no mistake about it, SUDIAO routers are round-the-clock production systems that are designed to burn down the biggest workloads. You can buy with confidence knowing that your growing demands won’t overpower your investment and leave you with capacity issues. Everything’s built to last. Everything is engineered to perform.

The Right Configurations…

There’s a lot of comfort to be taken in having bought the right router. You never know quite what kind of work or opportunity is going to knock on the door, and having the right hardware to answer it puts you in a position where you can profit.

Routing hardware comes, or at least it should, in all kinds of configurations and with an impressive range of options to choose from. If you’re told that you’ll need to get all of your options ticked on day one because you can’t later upgrade, walk away. You’re looking, after all, for a system that can grow with you in terms of the capabilities it covers.

Once you decided on the size of the system that gets it done for you, and that’s something that’s really decided by the parameters imposed by your industry and the room you have to site the machine, you can start to weaponise your dream-machine. Before you do though, you may want to consider one dimension that’s not on most hardware’s specification list - gantry height. We can offer you 150mm, 300mm and 500mm variants.

SUDIAO has an options list and it’s a long one. It represents a brilliant upgrade path or day-one spec list.

Those who need to cut routable metals will welcome the system’s available high pressure mist-coolant system that makes the job effortless. Our heavy duty Wet / Dry waste extraction system makes it clean too and removes prodigious amounts of cutting by-products, wet or dry, that routinely choke lesser hardware and stop its owners producing. 

If print features in your output you can configure your SUDIAO to outperform lightweight dedicated digital flatbed cutters. Our Single or twin-bay cutting and creasing system and Opticam registration camera will make you productive and accurate. A Laser Point Origin setter makes you repeatable too. Anything you’re doing with lightweight printed films and foams, you can do with heavier routable materials too. Not something we’d suggest with a lightweight digital cutter. They cut films pretty well, that we’d concede - we’re sure they’d say we do too - after all, our Racer-Blade film cutting option offers jaw-dropping value pricing and it’s earned itself legend-like status among its users. 

If you want to get really serious about production ask everyone about their sheet material loading and off-loading options. Then ask us. We have what you’re looking for and we’ve lots of other concessions to productivity too. Our multi-bore drilling options will get your attention if you or your industry need to make perfectly finished through or blind holes in work-pieces. Simple things like pop up material location pins get the sheet on the bed in the right position. We can tool you up to label the parts you make with our bar-coding system too. 

It’s not just sign manufactures who need to make precisely engraved and incised cuts in flat materials that, in reality, are anything but. That’s a challenge that runs deep in all kinds of production industries. The depth varies. SUDIAO has you covered. We’ve got an option that maps the surface of materials your marking and then varies the depth you’re cutting from the material’s face - on the fly. Thought you’d like that. You’ll like it even more when you’ve seen it demonstrated live. 

Serious about precision. Serious about production. Serious about versatility and expansion and upgrade paths. That’s SUDIAO from Complete CNC Solutions. We’re serious about support too.

The Right Supplier…

Easy to say - we’re more than a supplier, we’re a partner. Easy to back up in our case - we have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied and hard-working installations out there. With that many machines in the market, and until otherworldly inventions make things 100% reliable - some are going to go wrong. We can’t promise you 100% reliability - we can give you the very next best thing though - support from Complete CNC Solutions. 

It starts the minute you engage with us and ask for a demonstration. We’ll do all it takes to get under the skin of your needs and formulate our recommendations. Next, we’ll actually demonstrate that our hardware does what we say it does. We’ll put real output in your hands so you can evaluate what we’re proposing. We won’t avoid questions. We won’t fudge issues. We’ll cut to the chase, and we’ll cut what you want to see cut.

We’ll help you with financing your dream machine and can introduce you to the partners we work with. They understand their business and they value yours. You’ll be well looked after and get the deal that’s right for you no matter how big or small your business. 

We’ll make sure the machine you buy from us is fully compliant with your obligations for safe operation. We have a range of guarding options to offer and one will be perfect for you. You’ll get approving nods if you’re inspected - not be told you’ve more work to do before your router can be turned on. That goes hand in hand with training.

We achieve amazing results with the SUDIAO hardware we offer. We can share the experience that produces those results so you can achieve them too. Follow our operational guidelines and you’ll get superb output, you’ll get optimal productivity and you’ll do so at minimal cost. Consult us when it comes to router tooling and you’ll do better still.

We have lots of support programmes that ensure your SUDIAO hardware operates at peak performance. We’ll look after you when things don’t go per plan too. Our service offerings are there to ensure that you continue to exert a competitive advantage and tackle profitably anything that comes your way.

The router you choose is important. Choose SUDIAO and you’ll have a production powerhouse at your disposal. You’ll be able to cut, machine, engrave and process all sorts of rigid and flexible materials. You’ll contain your production costs. New opportunities will come to your door. You’ll have a winning partnership from day one - and for the long term.

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