Maintenance Of The Panel Furniture Production Line

- Mar 21, 2019-

Maintenance of the panel furniture production line

Dust removal on the countertops of the panel furniture cutting machine and various parts. Once the dust enters the inside of the device, it will cause great trouble to the device, affecting the normal use of the device and affecting production efficiency. Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to clean the machine table and the surface of the casing, and do the cleaning work.

It is necessary to do anti-rust work on the panel furniture cutting machine. Once the equipment is rusted, some parts will be aging, and the working efficiency of the panel furniture cutting machine will be reduced. Therefore, the equipment must be regularly rust-proofed to avoid the equipment. Rusty.

Do a good job of lubrication of the plate furniture cutting machine transmission device. When the plate type furniture cutting machine is running, if the equipment transmission device is not running smoothly, it will lead to uneven feeding of the equipment, affecting the quality of the cutting material, and causing certain industrial production. Impact. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the equipment transmission during routine maintenance.

The plate furniture production line is a numerical control equipment, so it must be processed and produced in strict accordance with the operation requirements during use, and the daily maintenance should be done well;

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