Low Cutting Cost, Easy Source Of Gas Source

- Jun 19, 2018-

Air plasma steel plate cutting generally uses compressed air as ion gas. This method has low cutting cost and convenient gas source. Compressed air is heated, decomposed, and ionized in the arc. The resulting oxygen cuts the metal to produce a chemically exothermic reaction that accelerates the cutting speed. The fully ionized air plasma has a high enthalpy, so the arc energy is large and the cutting speed is fast.

Plasma plate cutting machine

CNC automatic plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting metal square pipe, I-beam and channel steel, can also be used to cut round pipe. You can also cut any shape of incision. It is a 5-axis CNC machine tool with precision motion control for servo systems and linear guides. Plasma torch height control and collision protection are also included. The model of the plasma cutting machine is mainly specified by the length of the tube, the machine can be rotated to cut, the outer diameter of the tube, or the size of the square tube. The thickness that the plasma cutter can cut is determined by the plasma power supply specifications.

The plasma cutting machine is a processing apparatus that utilizes the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to locally melt (vaporize) the metal at the notch of the workpiece and remove molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum to form a notch. When the metal sheet is more than 20mm thick, the plasma cutting machine equipment has more advantages than the laser cutting machine.

The machine adopts a cantilever type power supply type structure, which overcomes the defect that the fine plasma cutting is limited by the length of the power line, so that the cutting length is not limited by the cutting power supply. The use of a bottom-draw cutting table makes the cutting environment safer. The plasma cutting distance adopts the initial positioning device and the arc pressure height-adjusting system. In the cutting process, it has a 360 anti-collision device. Longitudinal and transverse guides use linear guides, making the machine run more smoothly. With the increasing use of fine plasma cutting machines, traditional plasma cutting machines are limited by their cutting length, which limits the use of fine plasma cutting technology. For this reason, the company recently introduced the PG series of onboard CNC plasma cutting machines. The model is easy to operate. Running smoothly. Cutting length can be arbitrarily lengthened according to user requirements. PG series CNC plasma cutting machine will be able to further meet the process requirements of construction machinery, bridge structure, shipbuilding and other industries.