Key Points Of Lubrication Of CNC Cutting Machine Equipment

- Mar 23, 2019-

Key points of lubrication of CNC cutting machine equipment

  As we all know, CNC machinery and equipment are not only excellent in quality, but also in the later use and maintenance after use. Many operators are not familiar with maintenance. Some habits of daily life often have misunderstandings. After a long time, they often cause damage to the equipment. Maintenance, in addition to inspection, adjustment and fastening of machinery and electrical equipment, important work. It is lubrication. The following describes the precautions in the lubrication and maintenance of mechanical equipment such as CNC cutting machines.

       First, can not be blindly added.

        Lubrication is not so simple. It is a science that uses fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials science, applied mathematics, physical chemistry and other basic theories to study lubrication principles, lubrication materials and lubrication methods, and control harmful friction and wear. It's just a part of lubrication. The lubrication of a piece of equipment begins in its design phase and runs through the entire life of the equipment.

       Second, can not be added excessively

        Lubricants are added between the two friction surfaces in order to form a thin film of oil on the two friction surfaces, avoiding direct contact and thus reducing wear. However, in consideration of some side effects of lubricating oil, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of fueling. For example, in the speed reducer, in order to reduce the resistance in gear movement and the temperature rise of the oil, the gear depth of the immersed oil is 1 to 2 tooth heights. It is advisable that the fuel quantity with high speed should be less.

       Third, can not be added at will

        The choice of equipment lubricating oil, according to the working conditions of the machine, the working environment, the specific characteristics of the friction surface and the lubrication method, the type and grade of the selected lubricating oil are also different. For equipment with high speed and strong oil wedge function, low viscosity lubricant should be used. When the load per unit area of the friction surface of the equipment is large, the lubricating oil with high viscosity and good oil property should be used. When the working temperature of the equipment is high, Lubricating oil with higher viscosity, higher flash point, better oil property and stronger stability, or higher grease with higher dropping point should be used; the smaller the gap between the friction surfaces of the equipment, the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil should be selected; The rougher the surface, the greater the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil. If the working taper of the grease is selected, the oil temperature should be higher. In the case of high pressure oil lubrication, the lubricating oil with higher viscosity should be used.

        Lubricants of different equipment are selected strictly according to the above principles and experimental results. Under normal circumstances, it can not be replaced. If it is replaced, it will damage the lubrication environment of the equipment and cause the equipment to wear and cause economic loss.