How To Test The Accuracy Of CNC Cutting Machine?

- Apr 18, 2019-

How to test the accuracy of CNC cutting machine?

The CNC cutting machine is the main type of panel furniture production line. Equipment accuracy directly affects product quality, so how to test when the machine is inspected, can we determine whether the accuracy is up to standard? Many people will ask for processing demonstrations when they buy equipment from the start. But look at the processing demonstration can work, and did not carefully measure the processing accuracy in the end, it is meaningless, the precision of the CNC cutting machine production of the cabinet can not be assembled, or difficult to assemble, assembly and skew , the layers are not uniform, the front is not uniform, the gap size is not the same. Therefore, to buy a CNC cutting machine must check the accuracy.

1. Make a plate processing, measure whether the diagonal of the plate is the same, whether the dimensions of the opposite sides are the same, and whether the measured hole margin is the same.

2. The two sides of the cabinet neutral plate are processed to verify the positioning accuracy of the flap. Under normal circumstances, the requirements for positioning accuracy of single-sided machining are not too strict, and the influence of positioning cylinders is mainly the precision of turning. One plate is punched against the perforation, and the double-sided groove is opened to see if there is a seam on the perforation. The two face margins are measured, and the groove margins on both sides are measured.

3, small plate processing accuracy, processing must have small board processing. It can cut several small plates that will appear in production, such as 100mm*100mm. See if it can be sucked firmly, will there be a running board, and how to measure the machining accuracy.

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