How To Maintenance The Wood Router

- Mar 23, 2019-

                               How to Maintenance the CNC Wood Router     

Furniture Cabinets Cnc Nesting Machine

1.Checking the machine rack before  power on machine, whether there is anything in rack gear and guide.

2 .check the water level of the vacuum pump every day and keep the water level

3. the machine spindle pump must add 000# grease

4. grease in row drilling bag, add 5CC grease every five days,  use row drill special butter

5. Clean the rack, guide rail and Z shaft screw at the end of each day and spray rust remover

6 .clean the guide rail every day, and press the grease pump to lubricate the guide rail. The fingers touch each rail, and the fingers have grease and grease in place

7. vacuum pumps clean up and replace water every week

8. winter boot press F4, row drill bag preheated 4-5 minutes

9. after the end of the daily work, should clean up the distribution cabinet and internal electrical parts, avoid causing short circuit and cause electric fire!!!