How To Choose CNC Engraving Machine?

- Feb 12, 2020-

How to choose CNC engraving machine?

The common types of CNC engraving machines mainly include (woodworking, stone, advertising, glass, laser, plasma, laser) engraving machines, etc. it is important to note that the selection of engraving machines for different purposes is totally different. A kind of

The following skills should be mastered when purchasing CNC engraving machine:

1. When purchasing, we should pay attention to whether the function of the carving machine can fit, and do not buy back to find that it can not be used or processing is not stable.
For example, some engraving machines with low power are only suitable for the processing of data such as double color plates, building models, small labels, three-dimensional crafts, etc. the other one is a high-power engraving machine, which can carry out large-scale cutting and fine carving.

2. To understand the performance and function of the carving motor, the carving head motor of the carving machine is also very crux, and the carving head motor works continuously for a long time, so if the carving head motor is not good, it will also affect the use of the carving machine.

3. Another is the adjustable speed scale of the carving head motor. Generally, the adjustable speed scale is thousands to 30000 revolutions per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the adjustable speed scale is small, then it is explained that the application scale of the carving machine is greatly limited, because different carving data must use different carving head speeds.

Note: CNC engraving machine can be used for relief, flat carving and hollow carving of wooden doors, furniture, metal, acrylic and other materials. The carving speed is fast and the precision is high. During the daily maintenance of the CNC engraving machine, the circulating water of the water pump should be replaced frequently to keep the water clean and the water temperature, so as to prevent the components from being damaged due to the blockage of the water outlet pipe or the operation of the water-cooled spindle under high temperature.