How To Choose A Carpenter

- Nov 09, 2018-

Carpentry carving machines are widely used in all walks of life. Carpentry carving machines are required in the processing of advertisements, molds, plastics, handicrafts, etc.. For many manufacturers, it is a difficult problem to choose equipment. With the continuous development and progress of society, People's living standards are also gradually improving, put forward higher requirements for the beauty of items. Carpentry carving machine with its excellent performance, took up this heavy responsibility. Today, sculptors have entered small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small workshops, and equipment has now become a must for ordinary manufacturers. So how to choose a satisfied woodworking carving machine? Let's do a detailed analysis today.
1, first of all to understand the woodworking machine's electric spindle
First, look at the electric spindle, which is divided into high power and low power. When choosing to buy according to their own circumstances, low-power motors are suitable for processing small items and signage. The power of the electric spindle generally ranges from 2.2 KW, 3.3 KW, 4KW, and 6KW. High-power motors are suitable for large parts and cutting, but the accuracy control ability is not high. If it is used in carving, the accuracy control ability is required. Therefore, when choosing the engraving machine, you must choose the products that you want to process.
2, to understand the performance of the equipment motor
Since the carver head electric machine of the woodworking carver has to work continuously for a long time, it is a key part of the carver. It is necessary to select the products of the motor supplier with good performance and directly affect the operation of the carver. Stepping motors on the market have been eliminated. The mainstream mode is servo motors. Servo motors are also divided into hybrid servo motors and full-servo Motors. Full servo motors have the ability to repair error parameters, and the price is also slightly expensive.
3, to understand the speed of the sculpted head motor adjustable range
Due to the different materials in carving processing, there are different requirements for the speed of carving motor. Therefore, the range of speed adjustment of the engraving motor reflects the flexible application ability of the engraving machine. The general adjustment range ranges from 6,000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute. The harder the material, the slower the carving speed.
4, to understand the woodworking machine itself suitable for processing
You should know what you want to buy a carving machine that is suitable for manufacturing and processing, and you can not process your own products. If it is a high-power carving machine that is needed to process large objects, if it is necessary to require the machine itself to require higher mechanical stability and accuracy, it is necessary to select a carving machine with a power range suitable for its own production. Therefore, if you want to choose a carving machine with advanced manufacturing techniques, you must take a closer look at it.
In combination with the above, how to choose a woodworking carving machine should be considered from the aspects of woodworking carving electromechanical spindle, the use of electrical properties of equipment, the adjustable range of cutting head motor speed, and what is suitable for processing itself.