How Often Should A CNC Machine Be Inspected?

- Mar 26, 2019-

Many people invest in expensive equipment to help make their day to day tasks a little bit easier. These are expensive investments that deserve to be protected and part of the responsibility of owning a computer numeric control, or a CNC machine, is performing the proper maintenance on the machine. Preventative maintenance will help to keep the parts running smoothly, the fluids flowing easily, and the machine functioning well. With proper maintenance, the machine will be able to handle the daily wear and tear of use. This will lead to improved efficiency and improved longevity of the machine. This means that it should be inspected on a regular basis; however, how often is a regular basis? How often should a CNC machine be inspected?

Most CNC Machines Should Be Inspected About Twice per Year

To answer this question, people should always read the manual of their specific CNC machine and follow the instructions; however, most CNC machines will need to be inspected twice per year. This inspection will serve several purposes. First, professionals will look over the machine and identify any problems that could have arisen without the owner’s knowledge. This will give people the opportunity to correct these problems before they blossom into major issues. The inspection will also identify any parts that need to be changed out. Making sure that the parts are fresh will keep larger problems from developing down the road. If there are any updates to perform, they will be completed as well.

Sometimes More Often is Necessary

As machines age, they may need to be inspected a little more frequently. The parts may start to rust or struggle to complete their jobs. The machine may start making odd noises. There may be acute problems that need to be addressed sooner. As people use their CNC machine, they will get to know it a little better. If it starts to have continuous problems, this could be a sign that the machine should be looked at more often. People should always pay attention to the professionals and complete their inspections on schedule.

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