How Much Do You Know About The Spindle?

- Aug 14, 2019-

The spindle of the engraving machine is mounted on the Z-axis slide plate of the engraving machine, and the spindle is rotated by its own high-speed rotation to achieve the purpose of drilling, milling, cutting and engraving. As long as the engraving machine is in the machining operation, the spindle is running all the time. So it is one of the most worn parts in the engraving machine.

Therefore, as one of the core components of the engraving machine, the quality of the spindle directly affects the processing speed, precision and production efficiency. So how to judge the quality of the spindle? Follow Blue Elephant CNC to learn it from the following aspects:

The first aspect is the accuracy of the spindle. Long-term work does not fail, and the processing effect is smooth and flat, which is the most basic requirement for the spindle. Before using the engraving machine, you can shake the spindle by hand to see if it is loose. Then try to start the spindle to see if the rotation is smooth and the tool has oscillations and vibrations. If there is, the spindle installation accuracy is not reached. And , we can also listen to the sound produced by the spindle rotation, whether it is delicate, if the sound is loud and there is harsh noise, it indicates that the spindle bearing accuracy or installation accuracy is poor.

The second aspect is the strength of the spindle. The main factor affecting the strength is the motor power. For higher power can ensure the processing strength meets the processing requirements. The strength of the spindle can be judged by listening to the sound of the motor. The greater the sound generated by the spindle operation without the abnormal noise, the greater the strength. Of course, there are other factors influencing the strength of the spindle, and motor power with a greater proportion of influence on spindle strength.


The third aspect is the operating speed of the spindle. And it has a close relationship with processing efficiency. The spindle speed is generally between 6000 and 24000 rpm. The faster the speed, the better the cutting ability. How fast can you be on the premise that the strength can be achieved. However, considering the service life of the machine, try to avoid keeping the machine working at full load.

The fourth aspect is the service life of the spindle. This depends mainly on the machining strength and working time of the spindle. During the machining process, the temperature of the surface of spindle should be observed. If the surface temperature of the spindle rises faster and the maximum temperature is higher, it means that the accuracy of the spindle or the heat dissipation is poor. At this time, the service life of the machine is greatly discounted.

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