How Choose A High Quality CNC Wood Machine

- Mar 25, 2019-

1325 cnc router

For people who produc wood furniture and make wood craftse, the important thing is accuracy of the machine in the machining process. So if you want to choose one high quality wood cnc machine, It should be know these parts:

1. The spindle.

General, there are two types of CNC wood machine spindle: air cooling spindle and water cooling spindle.water cooling spindle air cooling spindle

The water cooling spindle adopt water cycle to cooling the spindle, so the cooling effect is very good. Almost no noise, long life.

But for water cooling spindle, it needs install a water pump, a little complicated.Air cooling spindle, no need water pump, very convenient to use.But the Air-cooled spindle is larger noise than water-cooled noise,The price is high.

2. Transmission 

Taiwan Hinwin square railsTaiwan Hinwin round rails

Compare the round rail, the square rails has more higher precision, less wear and tear can maintain high accuracy. Square rails apply to high-speed move and greatly reduce the drive horsepower the machine required.What’s more, can bear the load from left and right/up and down at the same time.The round rail has large bearing capacity, cheaper than the square rails.

3. The Delta inverter. 

Delta inverter

Delta inverter. It can control the spindle start, stop and spindle speed better. Making the machine more accurate at work.Adopting high speed (0-24000RPM), high torque and high precision. Which is adjusted by Delta inverter, this guarantees the high working speed and accuracy, and can realize milling with high speed, high rotating precision, good rotating with low noise. It engraves without any ripple but with smooth bottom level and clear outline.