- Apr 09, 2019-

1. What is CNC Wood Lathe?

A CNC wood lathe is specifically designed and developed for carrying out engraving processes. This high tech machinery ensures that the processes like wood turning, wood milling, and cylindrical carving are carried out with proper precision and perfection.

CNC wood lathe offers optimum performance level over the traditional wood lathe making it ideal for any kind of wood manufacturing project.

CNC wood lathe machine takes your imagination to a new level. You just need to configure the shape and size of the prototype, which you would like the machine to produce. Rest, the CNC wood lathe machine will automatically turn the wooden piece into a beautiful product.

This fully automatic machine will feed, shape and do the engraving without the assistance of even a single person. This is the best solution for building staircase and central pole or you can say central pole or newel.

This type of central pole is placed in between the staircase to support the staircase both structurally and decoratively. Earlier creating newel and balusters were a tedious and time-consuming process but with the help of highly-efficient automatic CNC wood lathe, once a tiresome job can be completed in a span of a few minutes.

CNC wood lathe/turner carries out heavy cutting parameters effectively saving sufficient motor time. The automatic tool changing device also reduces the turnaround time of the products and enhances the production time more efficiently.

The biggest advantage of CNC wood turner lathe machine is that it can create exact replicas of the prototype of the product.

Let us briefly take a look at the benefits as well as the differences of automatic CNC wood lathe/turner and traditional lathe machine.

2. Difference between CNC Wood Lathes and Traditional CNC Wood Lathes

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment is an important innovation in the manufacturing industry. With a wide range of CNC equipment, the need for using traditional wood lathes has been reduced immensely.

It requires minimal intervention and supervision of specialized operators. Owing to its increased efficiency of the CNC tools, the production costs of the manufacturing firm have been reduced significantly.

Automated CNC wood lathes

Automated CNC wood lathes are efficient and help in processing hard as well as soft wooden material. They make quick and precise cuts thereby shaping the material and producing a beautiful design.

CNC wood lathes are capable of cutting the material as per the programmed specifications of the CAD/CAM software. This automatic machine takes approximately 2 minutes to cut, carve, and grind.

CNC wood lathes

Unlike traditional wood lathe machines, automatic CNC wood lathes have the ability to quickly change parts or tools from one part to another providing convenience to the user while operating the machine.

A single machine reduces the time involved in the production preparation cycle and saves the cost of the separate machine. The automatic operation mode of the woodworking machine has greatly improved over the traditional machine.

The need for the worker while operating the machine has almost become ‘zero’. The operator is only required to program the drawing into the CNC lathe computer using the programming language and the computer will automatically analyze the functioning and command the machine accordingly.

automatic CNC wood lathes

Automated wood lathe machine is a great relief for industries producing a large number of products. It greatly improves the rate of production. CNC machine takes instruction in digital form and achieves higher machining accuracy when operating on a wood.

As compared to traditional wood lathe machine, CNC wood lathe is used for processing slender and coarse type of woods.

Also, the fully automatic CNC wood lathe machine has the efficiency to operate 2-3 sets at a time. This highly efficient machine not only improves the processing efficiency but also saves a huge amount of labor and money bringing in economic benefit to the business.

The time involved in processing different parts can be reduced increasing the productivity over the traditional wood lathe. Moreover, the range of spindle and feed of CNC lathe is higher than the normal wood lathe machine. It is suitable for cutting different parameters than you select while processing the wood.

3. How Beneficial is Automatic CNC Wood Lathe over Traditional Wood Lathes?

The manufacturing industry has seen a huge shift due to technological advancement. CNC machines have taken over the production process entirely.

CNC wood lathe machine has taken away the production process entirely. This high-end machine quickly replaces traditional multi-spindle lathes to become the most versatile and popular tool.

Let us take a look at the advantages of CNC lathe machine over the traditional wood lathe machine:

  • No Need For Highly Skilled Operators

Earlier, a team of highly skilled operators was required to handle the operation of traditional lathe machine. It was, of course, a tough job to do but after the introduction of automatic computer-based CNC lathe machine, the task of cutting, engraving, and etching turns to be less daunting.

While operating a CNC lathe machine, you just need only one operator to enter the dimensions to the machine and adjust the feed and speed while operating the machine.

operating a CNC lathe machine

  • Fully Automatic and Easier to Work

With the modern CNC lathes, numerous tasks have become easier to accomplish. CNC lathes produce perfect pieces work very easily and quickly than anticipated. Whether you need to carve unique and intricate shapes, CNC lathes can handle the task easily and at the less estimated time.

  • Versatile Nature Of The Products

CNC lathe machine is versatile enough to produce products of any kind. From engraving sturdy furniture pieces to shaping delicate crockery, lathe machines can perform the task very inquisitively in less expected time.

  • Precision and Accuracy

By using the high-tech wood lathe machines, the chance of achieving optimal accuracy and precision during production increases. These machines require high precision in aerospace, health care, and hospitality sectors.

Additionally, CNC lathe machine work with almost every type of material and eliminates the risk of errors.

  • Cost-efficient

CNC lathes cost more than the manual lathes. It offers a range of benefits such as low setup and machining cost, less labor cost, and fewer material wastes.

CNC lathes

CNC lathe machines have made its place in the machining world and effectively replace the manual method of operation. The accuracy, precision, and efficiency are some of the important factors that you will witness while operating the machine.

4. What are the Kinds of CNC Wood Lathe that SUDIAO CNC Offers?

SUDIAO CNC offers a range of CNC wood lathe that offers popular application such as 3D carving, sculpting, mining, etc. SUDIAO CNC lathe/turner machine has high-speed capabilities allowing performing excellent 3D work.

The processing diameter of the CNC turner machine 300mm with maximum processing length 1500mm. It is usually used for turning and processing one-piece material one time.

CNC wood lathes are no different than ordinary wood lathe machine but they have their own specifications and personality.

Here are some different kinds of CNC wood lathes that SUDIAO CNC offers to its customers.