Common Parameter Settings For Furniture Production Line

- Apr 12, 2019-

Common parameter settings for furniture production line

Free-range speed: Popularity refers to the speed when the machine is running empty, that is, the speed of the standard code G00 command. Use Z down knife speed: Whether to use a specific speed drop speed when moving in the Z direction vertically downwards.

Default speed: Whether to abandon the speed specified in the machining program, use the system default speed set above.

Use default speed: Indicates whether the system abandons the spindle speed specified in the machining program and uses the system default speed set by the system.

IJK incremental mode: Whether the center programming (IJK) is incremental mode, the IJK value used by arc programming generated by some post-processors is an incremental value. When the pause or end is completed, the spindle is automatically stopped (requires restart): Set whether to automatically stop the spindle rotation when a machining program is paused or finished.

Y-axis mirroring: Set the Y-axis for mirroring. X-axis mirroring: Set the X-axis for mirroring. Processing speed: The effective processing speed of the plate furniture production line is the interpolation speed of the machining instructions such as the standard code G01, G02, G03. Optimize the Z-direction knife speed: Whether to move in the Z-direction vertical direction, use the G00 speed to lift the knife.

The idle (G00) command uses a fixed feedrate override of 100%: this parameter is an option. The panel furniture production line indicates whether the system ignores the influence of the feed rate when executing the idle command. Thus, when the magnification is changed, the speed of the lost motion is not affected.