- Mar 31, 2019-

CNC ROUTER WOODWORKING, WOOD CNC ROUTER AND CNC WOOD CARVING MACHINES SUDIAO CNC is one of the premium—and quality-focused—CNC router manufacturers and suppliers in China. We design, develop and manufacture a multitude of high-performance yet low-maintenance computer-controlled routers, including CNC Router Machine. CNC Nesting Machine. Stone CNC Engraving Machine. Advertising CNC Router Machine. Quality makes the core of our organization’s philosophy, and thus, we ensure our range of products, be it a woodworking CNC router or a metallic and composite fabricating machine, comply with the international quality standards. We are an SGS, BV, and ISO9001:2015—a triage of quality qualifications—certified company, and all our made in CHINA  come with a certificate of CE. Our series of CNC routers for wood and other materials can help create elaborate carvings, including modeling decoration and 3D carving, fabricate furniture—ranging from cabinet to closet and door panels— make signs, such as dimensional letters and directional signage, and cutouts. With a range of mini metal, non-metal and wood CNC router machine to versatile and high-repeatability laser enabled CNC router cutting and engraving machines with a wide range of applications and functions, we are a manufacturer that caters industry of all scales.