Cnc Router Mechanical Maintenance

- Oct 26, 2018-

First, prepare before starting:

1.1 Check the power supply and clean the work surface.

1.2 Turn on the power.

1.3 Observe whether the engraving machine is operating normally.

1.4 According to the actual situation of the work, the belt of the engraving machine is selected. Generally, the knives of 1/4 or more are usually 5000 rpm to 6000.

Rpm/min; 小0.5mm to Ф3mm knives usually range from 8,000 rpm to 10,000 rpm.

Second, the operation process:

2.1 Place the workpiece to be machined on the left workbench, place the mold of the opposite workpiece on the right workbench, align the wire and use the vest

Iron fastening.

2.2 When processing according to the process requirements, hold the rocker arm of the engraving machine with both hands and slowly process it by the needle against the plastic mold.

2.3 When the machining is completed, check whether the processed parts meet the process requirements, then loosen the ferrule and take the workpiece.

3. Note:

3.1 Do not wear gloves during operation to avoid injury from carving knife and belt to gloves.

3.2 Wear protective goggles during operation to prevent the iron shovel from flying into the eyes and hurting.

Third, shut down:

4.1 Turn off the power.

4.2 Clean the machine and surrounding hygiene.

4.3 Fill the sliding part with oil.

5, maintenance:

5.1 Check if the power supply, wires and switches are reliable.

5.2 Every day, the moving parts of the machine and the fixing screws must be checked for firmness and reliability.

5.3 Always lubricate the sliding parts of the machine.

5.4 Check if there is abnormal noise when the machine is working. If abnormal conditions are found, notify the service technician for repair.

Make a maintenance record.

5.5 The machine and the surrounding environment must be cleaned every day after work.

5.6 Conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning every three months and make a corresponding record.