CNC Cutting Machine Maintenance Under High Temperature Weather

- Apr 18, 2019-

CNC cutting machine maintenance under high temperature weather

When the weather become hot and dry,long time working will cause machine become hot. What should we do when using the CNC cutting machine in this season? How to protect it, what kind of solution can we do?

1. Storage location: It is forbidden to install the CNC cutting machine in the open air environment. Do not place it in a humid place. Choose a well-ventilated place, and do not expose to the sun and avoid the humid environment.

2, daily maintenance: regular maintenance, cleaning the screw, rotating parts and tracks should always drop lubricants to ensure that the machine to complete the rotation, movement tasks, reduce wear.

3, fault handling: If there is an abnormal situation such as smoke, odor, noise, etc. in the use of the CNC cutting machine, please stop using it immediately.

4. Environmental impact: It is forbidden to install and debug the CNC cutting machine under the rainy weather and thunder weather.

5, voltage requirements: CNC cutting machine strictly use the power supply that does not meet the rated voltage.

6. Equipment requirements: When the water-cooled spindle motor works, it must ensure that the water pipe is fixed reliably, the water source is clean, and the water flow is smooth. The motor should be replaced in time due to water leakage or water pipe aging, and the original parts and cable of the CNC cutting machine should not be damaged or replaced at will. If the CNC cutting machine accidentally drops liquid, metal objects, etc., it should be cleaned up after the carving, and pay attention to regularly add lubricant to the guide rails, racks, etc., according to different engraving machine materials, different engraving depth, choose the appropriate Tool, and set the appropriate engraving speed,

7. After-sales training: strictly follow the company's training requirements, and the processing size shall not exceed the scope specified in the manual of the CNC cutting machine.