Carving Machine Maintenance

- Nov 23, 2018-

When the engraving machine does not work properly, it may be due to problems with its internal components or other reasons. The following is a general introduction to the problems that often occur.
(1) There is one axis in the three axes that can not move. At this time, check whether the driving block corresponding to the corresponding axis is damaged. The inspection method can use the replacement method: the air plug corresponding to the fixed shaft is removed and inserted into the drive corresponding to the other dynamic axes.
(2) If the non-moving shaft moves normally after exchange, the driving block corresponding to the axis is damaged and the driving block needs to be replaced. If the shaft is still not working, it means that the cable or motor has a failure to replace the cable or motor. No movement on any of the three axes. Check if the three-axis air plug is connected to the control box and if the control box power supply is turned on. Whether the data line is well connected to the control box and the control card in the computer host. If the above is normal, please contact the factory.
(3) The main shaft can not operate normally. First check the error code displayed on the frequency converter LED display(see the frequency converter instruction error code item). The following is an example of the engraving machine YIXING inverter.
Common faults and handling of YIXING series inverter(1.5 kW)
Fault code: DL output short circuit check motor and cable short circuit
OL1OL2 load is too large motor plug removal plug phenomenon reduce load
LU undervoltage input voltage anomaly check input power supply
OH overheated load too much cooling fan damage to reduce load replacement fan(Note: When the inverter shows DL, the reset key is invalid, power off and restart the inverter to troubleshoot)
TALENT series inverter common faults and processing(2.2 kilowatts)
Fault code: EOCD output short circuit check motor and cable short circuit
EOU input voltage is too high check voltage
EOCN output circuit interphase short circuit or ground short circuit inspection wiring and motors
Does the ELU have a large start current load in the same power system rewiring to avoid the load?
TL external interference separates the control line from the strong power