Can A Stone Carver Be A Carpenter?

- Dec 06, 2018-

Many customers will consider buying a carving machine that can carve both stone and wood; However, the carving machine is divided into two categories: stone carving machine and carpentry carving machine. It sounds like there is no universal carving machine.
First of all, woodworking carving machine is difficult to process stone, then the stone carving machine processing wood does not have these problems, so can be processed wood and stone stone carving machine. However, there is a difference in the characteristics of stone carving machines and carpentry carving machines, so carpentry carving machines are mainly used to carve wood; Stone carving machine is mainly used to carve stone.
Custom stone wood carving machine
Stone woodworking double carving machines are mainly divided into the following two types:
First, woodworking carving machine plus water tank, that is, light stone carving machine. The light stone carving machine is generally aimed at the main processing material is wood, but occasionally there are also users of stone, and the stone is not very heavy, or the hardness is not very high.
Second, heavy stone carving machine, of course, may also make some minor changes. Heavy stone carving machine is generally aimed at more users of stone processing requirements, stone carving machine as long as the accuracy can meet the processing requirements of woodworking plate, then the processing of wood is completely no problem. Because the countertops and fuselage supports of heavy stone carving machines are generally thickened, and many stone carving machines that make stone reliefs require high accuracy, processing wood is not a problem at all.
One of the disadvantages of light stone carving machine is the low efficiency when processing stone, some difficult stone processing is difficult to complete. One of the disadvantages of heavy stone carving machines is that the power consumption is too high when processing wood, and the efficiency of small plate reliefs is quite low. Both models face the problem of surface cleaning, so we generally do not recommend customers stone and carpentry mix for a long time