Selection of Stone Carving Machine Tool

- Dec 06, 2018-

Now the stone carving machine tools on the market are uneven, the price difference is large, how to choose suitable stone carving machine props, this still contains certain skills, the following on the selection of stone carving machine tools, provide the following suggestions.
1. Note the high hardness and wear resistance of stone carving tools:
Hardness is the basic characteristic of stone tool material. To cut off the material from the workpiece, the hardness of the tool must be greater than the hardness of the workpiece material. The hardness of tool material is generally above 60HRC. Abrasion resistance is the ability of the material to resist wear. Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance, the finer the grain of the material and the more uniform the distribution, the higher the wear resistance.
2. Note the strength and toughness of stone tools:
For the tool to work under great pressure and under the conditions of impact and vibration during cutting without breaking and breaking, the tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness.
3. High heat resistance of stone carving tools:
Refers to the ability of tool materials to maintain hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures. The higher the high temperature hardness of the tool material, the better the cutting performance of the tool and the higher the allowed cutting speed; In addition to high temperature hardness, tool materials should also have the ability to resist oxidation at high temperature and have good anti-bonding and diffusion ability.
4. The economy of the tool:
Economy is one of the important indexes of tool materials. Although some tool materials are very expensive, due to their long life, the cost of each part is not necessarily high.
5. Predictability of tool process performance and cutting performance:
For the convenience of manufacturing, the tool material is required to have good process performance. With the development of machining automation, cutting performance such as tool wear and tool durability are required to have good predictability