General reasons and case solution for the main shaft of the engraving machine

- Dec 06, 2018-

The general reason why the main axis of the engraving machine does not turn:
1, inverter power is small, choose a frequency converter with a large power level;
2, whether the electrical insulation level meets the requirements;
3, the output side short circuit, whether the motor cable is damaged;
4, accelerate the flow, the acceleration time is too short, extend the acceleration time;
5, appropriately reduce the V/F compensation value;
6, V/F curve selection is not appropriate, adjust the V/F curve according to the actual situation of the load;
Restarting the motor during rotation and starting after the motor is completely shut down;
8, heavy load, reduce the load;
9, check the frequency converter LED display display error code(see the frequency converter manual error code item).
10, check whether the voltage is stable, whether beyond the frequency converter load range.
Check whether the spindle bearing of the engraving machine is intact. In the case of power outage, use the hand to rotate the clip to see if it rotates smoothly.
Check if there is a lack of phase and short circuit.