Effect of antifreeze liquid on laser engraving machine and fiber optic laser cutting machin

- Dec 06, 2018-

Winter is a dangerous period for laser sculptors, laser cutters, and fiber optic laser cutters. Because they are precision instruments, they must pay special attention to the cold temperature! Prepare antifreeze in advance, just in case, causing damage!
A small compilation of the requirements: first, choose some good brand of anti-freeze liquid, prevent corrosion of laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines laser, leading to a decline in the service life of the laser tube, or the effect of light production is not good. Second, the current market will use different colors of anti-freeze liquid, according to the requirements of laser tube manufacturers, to choose green, so the impact on the laser tube is much less, the whole in order to extend the service life of the laser tube and the effect of light.
Antifreeze tips:
The full name of antifreeze should be called antifreeze coolant, which means antifreeze coolant. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing and splitting the radiator and freezing the engine cylinder during the cold season, but we have to correct a misunderstanding. Antifreeze fluid is not only used in winter. In the normal maintenance project of the car, every year of driving, engine antifreeze fluid needs to be replaced, and special vehicle antifreeze fluid replacement frequency should be high.
There are many types of anti-freeze agents in automobiles, such as calcium chloride(CaCl2) in inorganic substances, methanol(CH3OH) in organic substances, ethanol(C2H5OH, commonly known as alcohol), ethylene glycol(C2H4(OH) 2, Commonly known as sweet alcohol), propanediol(C3H5(OH) 3, commonly known as glycerin), lubricants, and sugar, honey, etc., which are common in our daily life, can be used as the mother solution of antifreeze. After adding an appropriate amount of pure soft water(without or a small amount of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, such as distilled water, uncontaminated rainwater, snow water, etc., the total hardness component concentration of the water quality is between 0-30 ppm), It can become a general antifreeze.
In short, the small editor reminds you to take precautions in advance in order to prepare for emergencies, ensure that all links are well and reduce risks to a low level. It is laser carving machine, woodworking carving machine, fiber optic laser cutting machine, stone carving machine, 3D printer and other CNC equipment to create more value for us!