Attention to the maintenance of laser engraving machine in winter

- Dec 06, 2018-

The carbon dioxide laser tube of the laser engraving machine is cooled by water. The temperature is generally 25 degrees Celsius and the energy is the strongest. In winter, the weather is cold. In order to prevent laser tubes from being frozen, users should do a good job of anti-freeze measures. Regarding the maintenance of laser tubes for laser sculptors, laser experts put forward three suggestions:
(1) Pay attention to indoor temperature, not below 0 degrees, especially at night temperature, keep indoor temperature not below the critical value of ice.
(2) If the indoor temperature can not be controlled, the circulating water in the laser tube can be blown out after the daily work is completed to prevent freezing. Also be sure to make sure the circulation is clear before your next job.
(3) Take care to keep the circulating water clean. The recycling water of the laser tube is pure pure water or mineral water, but due to various reasons, many customers choose tap water for recycling water. Experts say that if tap water is used, it needs to be changed regularly to ensure that the water is clean.
Specific measures to prevent freezing in winter laser engraving machine
1, after using the laser machine, first disconnect the total power supply, turn off the water pump or the water cooler, the laser tube inlet and the outlet of the Silicon gel off. Blow the water out of the laser tube with your mouth. More than 60W laser tubes can also be blown clean with air pumps or small air compressor. The 40W laser tube is recommended to be blown clean with the mouth.
Customers who use water pumps should specifically remind that the water cycle in the machine has a black thick tube, which is water protection. Also make sure that the water inside is kept clean, otherwise it will freeze and split for protection.
If you are still worried, remove the laser tube and pour the water clean. In this case, there may be a slight change in the position of the laser tube. When you reinstall it, you have to re-brighten it.
There is a sewage outlet under the water cooler and a rotating head. After unwinding, the water can be released. It is very convenient. After releasing the water, the water cooler can be placed in a relatively high temperature area. Reuse fresh water next time.
5, some customers are troublesome, laser light can be added antifreeze. Don't be all pure antifreeze. If you haven't used any antifreeze, ask the dealer. According to your local temperature, the proportion of antifreeze and water is not the same. Depending on the circumstances.
Customers who use a marking machine or a high-power 500W can not add antifreeze because the light emitter inside is different in principle. That 'll only get you into trouble. Turn off the marker, turn off the cold water, and find an 8mm diameter tube. Pull out the water pipe, any mouth, and blow it out with your mouth. If you can't blow it clean, the modules inside will crack. You can't use it anymore.
Customers who use the 500W laser engraving machine must ensure room temperature. Considering that the refrigeration equipment is very large, it is not possible to completely release the water inside and ensure a constant temperature.