The reasons for the frequent cutting of knives and random carvings by carving machines

- Dec 06, 2018-

Engraving machine is the most annoying thing, it is not like the broken knife or carving machine Z axis is not generally wasted plate, and carving machine is basically a waste of a plate, which makes many customers extremely angry. In fact, the carving machine is generally not the quality of the carving machine itself, but due to improper operation. In order to make everyone better use the carving machine and avoid the phenomenon of random carving, please do the following preparatory work before carving:
1. Check whether the control card of the engraving machine is normal.
2. Use the engraving machine to design software to check whether the engraving file path is correct.
3. Check whether there are electromagnetic and other interference factors around the engraving machine.
4. Eliminate static interference.
5. Driver failure or current subdivision setting error.
6. Check the software settings before formally using the engraving machine.
7. Whether the engraving machine connects to the computer data line is normal.
8. Check the computer that controls the engraving machine for viruses or system problems.
The frequent failure of the carving machine in use is mainly caused by the change in the force of the carving machine tool. There are also some other reasons. Now, the frequent failure of the carving machine is summarized, hoping to help the users of the carving machine:
1. Tool problem: It is mainly related to the hardness, strength, sharpness, and the length of the special tool sticking out of the cutting tool. This requires the user to select the correct tool for processing before processing.
2. Whether the material processed by the engraving machine has impurities and whether the material hardness is too large.
3. Whether or not the carving machine is leveled at the bottom of the milling, it may cause a broken knife if it is not leveled. Whether the speed of the spindle motor is too low, the speed of the spindle motor is too low, and the amount of knives per tooth will become larger. In this way, the cutting force will become larger, which will cause the cutting knife. In general, the speed of the spindle we use is still high. Some good.
4. Whether the power supply provided by the engraving machine is stable or not, the unstable power supply will also cause the carving machine to break the knife.
5. Whether the cutting margin is reasonable or not, there is a ladder-like margin, so that there will be a change in cutting force during processing that will cause vibration, resulting in a broken knife, so that it is necessary to increase semi-refined processing. The other is whether the amount of knives is too large.
6. Whether there is dust on the cutting tool and clip head of the carving machine, whether the strength of the knife is too large. The clamps and nuts are not intact. It is important that the amount of tool outstretched is not large, and it is often a problem here that is not taken seriously.
7. Whether the priority mode of the engraving machine is correct or not, it directly affects the start-up speed of the machine tool. The higher the start-up speed, the easier it is to generate vibrations, which can easily lead to a broken knife.