Analyze what major categories of stone carving machine tools can be divided into

- Dec 06, 2018-

CNC stone carving machine tool is a consumable material in the processing of stone carving machine, and is also an important processing accessory. The hardness of stone material is different, the tool selected needs to be different, only according to the processing technology, material hardness and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the selection of suitable tools, can improve the processing efficiency. The choice of suitable tool needs to understand the type and characteristics of stone carving machine tools.
Series A(common knife type alloy knife): high performance alloy material, double-edged design, good sharpness, high cost performance, manual regrinding easy. Disadvantages: This type of knife is not suitable for relief because of its irregular angle(there is another larger angle at the tip of the knife). Generally used for carving turquoise, marble!
Series B(standard angle alloy knife): high performance alloy material, double blade design, angle standard, engraving, fine relief effect. Generally used for carving turquoise, marble! Can be made into a flat base sharp knife with a flat bottom
C series(smelting diamond grinding head knife): smelting diamond grinding head knife, using military high-tech "smelting diamond technology" manufacturing! With good sharpness, high carving efficiency, knife head deformation, high carving accuracy features! Therefore, when carving marble, turquoise, sandstone and other materials, they are often used as high-efficiency relief knives, and they are also sharp weapons for cutting characters.
Series D: Ultrafine ultra-wear alloy. The wear resistance is much higher than other ribbed knives on the market. Angle standard, good lettering effect! Customers with a sharpener can use this knife. There is no sharpener, not recommended to use!
E Series(PCD Polycrystalline Diamond Knife): Imported Polycrystalline Diamond Blade, the quality is far from cheap domestic blades comparable! Using vacuum welding technology, the blade does not damage and does not fall off; Microgrinding technology makes the blade sharpness and strength optimized. It is generally used to engrave granite characters. Good hardness, high life span, good carving effect. When using, should pay attention to the flexible walking knife, not under the knife too fierce!
Series F(Sintered Diamond Grinder): Sintered Diamond Grinder is generally used for granite milling bottom. Due to the sintering of multi-layer diamond, it has a very high life span! The disadvantage is that the sharpness is not high and the knife head will deform. Therefore, carving marble, turquoise and other materials, in order to enable you to achieve higher output and carving effects, the use of sintering knives is not recommended. When making granite and other difficult to process stone, in order to avoid too high tool cost, you can choose sintered grinder!
G series(diamond four-edged knife): Generally used for carving granite small characters or wire carvings. Advantages are higher life expectancy, disadvantages are relatively poor sharpness, shallow carving depth!
The above are several kinds of stone carving machine tools commonly used at present. Although the hardness of different tools is very large, only reasonable choice of tools can effectively reduce the carving cost, improve the carving efficiency, and play the great performance of stone carving machines.