All In One SUDIAO CNC Nesting Machine For Cabinet Kitchen And Cabinet Door

- Jan 10, 2020-

All in one SUDIAO CNC Nesting Machine

              Cabinet kitchen

              Cabinet Door


JINAN SUDIAO CNC Router Co.,Ltd : The overall custom cabinet closet has become an indispensable and important part of modern home decoration. The custom-made wardrobe is destined to become a consumer hotspot for family wardrobes in the next few years because it can be tailor-made and has the characteristics of environmental protection, fashion, and professionalism. At present, the wardrobe processing factories basically abandon the traditional table saw to for Nesting&Drilling, Many customers and friends will consider whether to use a dual-station or automatic loading and unloading when choosing a CNC Nesting Machine


Automatic loading and unloading CNC Nesting Machine is one kind of highly automated woodworking machinery and equipment used by index controlled opener and automatic loading and unloading platform.


In fact, both the two-position feeder and the automatic loading and unloading machine can improve production efficiency, while the automatic loading and unloading improves efficiency and saves labor costs, so customers and friends should know more when buying CNC machine According to the actual needs of oneself .


SUDIAO six-sided drilling Center can complete the processing of all the positions of the front and back of the plate and the four side holes at the same time. It can be positioned automatically according to the size of the board, without turning over the board and turning around, completely through punching, front and back sides can be completed at one time, greatly reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.

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For the front end of a CNC six-sided drill, it is more suitable to use CNC Panel saw, but the cutting and cutting are always faster than the drilling operation, so the equipment must be one-to-many. One electronic cutting saw needs to be equipped with multiple six-sided drilling Centers . ; CNC opener and five-face drill can be paired properly, with streamlined operation, and suitable for customized production, good at processing special-shaped plates, and improving the utilization rate of plates.

Jinan SUDIAO CNC is a regular professional CNC machine manufacturer. It has more than ten years of experience in engraving machine manufacturing, and it has been transformed into the development of cutting machine innovation earlier. After several years of continuous efforts, it has been proved that the efforts made by SUDIAO CNC are worthy of recognition. In 2007, the company passed ISO9000 and European Union CE certification. In 2010, the company obtained the trademark registration right of SUDIAO , and its products were uniformly guaranteed. Moreover, in cooperation with the China Science and Technology Museum, we have realized a CNC Nesting Machine with a robotic arm to achieve true Industry 4.0. From placing an order online to the CNC Nesting Machine WORKING , the supporting mechanical arm completes automatic production and processing, and truly realizes no human intervention .