Advantages Of Plate Furniture CNC Cutting Machine

- Mar 30, 2019-

Advantages of plate furniture CNC cutting machine

The era of CNC cutting equipment has arrived. Are you still using traditional, low-efficiency cutting equipment of table saws? Are you still using its relatively backward process to process production? In today’s increasingly competitive industry, you To make plans for your company's tomorrow, let's introduce the advantages of CNC cutting machine!


1. A new generation of CNC cutting machine, which replaces the traditional manual operation, is the leader in the woodworking industry, improving the utilization rate of the plate! The cutting machine uses the milling cutter to open the material, which can be turned off at will, and can cut the special-shaped plate.

2, saving labor, push table saw 2 people operate one machine, the machine open one machine to operate multiple machines (limited to automatic loading and unloading machine) do not have to recruit or staff high wages, poor management and worry.

3, reduce the labor intensity, the cutting speed is fast, the cutting machine is continuous when working, the push table saw pushes and stops, the board is moved to the direction, the artificial strength, the time is spent on the board. Adjust the size.

4, the machine is a fool-like operation, all data sizes are calculated by the computer, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker, after 3~5 hours of training by the manufacturer, can be put on the post.

5. The machine can pause, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth at any time, and preview the plane and perspective view of the engraving path. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for engraving different materials and is suitable for different industries.

6. The dust of the cutting machine is small, and the dust suction effect of the cutting machine is much better than that of the sliding table saw.

7, automatic loading and unloading is fully automatic, for the optional function, the ordinary cutting machine is for manual loading and unloading, the artificial rest can be used during machining, greatly reducing the labor intensity


1. The cutting machine is equipped with special typesetting cutting software to realize the functions of automatic typesetting + sheet blanking + profile cutting + vertical punching, which can completely replace the large saw, save sawing and save cost.

2. It is suitable for the processing of diversified composite products, such as the wood door industry, the cabinet industry, the batching of panel furniture, and the production of diversified component products (such as cabinets).

CNC cutting machines are bound to develop faster and faster. Only by adapting to the development trend of the times can enterprises make rapid progress. If you want to do a good job, you must be the first in technology!