Advantages Of Manufacturing Custom Wardrobes Using SUDIAO S2 CNC Nesing Machine With Drill Bank

- Aug 08, 2019-

In today's fast-developing society, there are many different furniture styles, and the family's decoration style is gradually beginning to be diversified and personalized. The advantage of the custom closet is to save space, tailored to the size of the house, free to choose the color style and material, can be unified with the entire home style.


SUDIAO S2 CNC Nesting machine is a standard configuration machine in the custom wardrobe processing. Because of its unique processing advantages, it is favored by the wardrobe manufacturers. It has two spindles & one Drill Bank. One spindle is responsible for cutting, one spindle is responsible for grooving, and then with 5+4 drill Bank for vertical hole operation, so that multiple holes are drilled at the same time. 

The Advantages of SUDIAO S2 CNC Nesting machine for custom wardrobe:


1, the operation is simpler. The S2 can be connected to the furniture design and Optimization software, automatic typesetting and processing, and the operation is simple. It only needs simple training for employees to be on the job.

2. Higher precision. The positioning cylinders are all adjusted by the dial indicator, which ensures the secondary positioning accuracy of the front and back processing. The cylinder mounting base is flattened to ensure installation accuracy.

3. The utilization rate of the board is high. The production optimization software can optimize the sheet utilization rate according to the order, and can insure the stock of raw materials in the production process to achieve the standard of zero waste.

4. The dust removal effect is good. The equipment is equipped with automatic pusher function, which can push the plate to the workbench in the front section of the equipment after processing, and has the function of secondary dust removal.

5. Save labor. The S2 CNC Nesting machine has a high degree of automation. Do not manually pull the board back and forth. If it is equipped with automatic loading and unloading, one person can operate, the work intensity is small, and the labor cost is saved.

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