Advantages Of Four-step Cnc Nesting Machine

- Mar 30, 2019-

Advantages of four-step CNC nesting machine


     The four-step cnc nesting machine is a cost-effective plate type furniture cutting equipment. It has four machining spindles and pneumatic switching. It can install four different tools and drill bits to realize the opening, punching and pulling of plate furniture. Groove, cabinet door milling and other processes.

      Now more and more people choose the four-step cnc nesting machine because it has the following advantages:

      First, the it belongs to the middle and low stage in all woodworking numerical control equipment, and is cost-effective. For companies with low budgets, it is most appropriate to spend less money to achieve the desired processing results and meet processing needs.

      Second, whether it is the production of cabinets or production cabinet doors, the four-step cnc nesting machine can be competent. For small and medium-sized cabinets and wardrobe processing enterprises, the four-step panel furniture cutting machine is definitely the best choice.

      Third, the four-step cnc nesting machine is simpler in structure than the high-end machining center, and is easy to start without complicated procedures in the machining center.

      Fourth, the failure rate is low. As long as the maintenance is done in the daily production process, the probability of failure is very small.

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