Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machine And Boring Head

- Mar 28, 2019-

Advantages of CNC cutting machine and boring head


     The panel furniture production line is very popular in the custom furniture industry.The most important equipment in the furniture production line--CNC cutting machine, has become the focus of many manufacturers. According to the processing characteristics, the CNC cutting machine can be divided into two models: double spindle, four spindle, single table, double table, automatic loading and unloading. Among them, the double-spindle + row drill package is a combination with high cost performance and good favorability.

      The CNC cutting machine is generally a spindle motor to work, and it has to do a lot of work, such as cutting, grooving, punching and so on. The blanking is generally done using 6 milling cutters, while some furniture requires 4 apertures, which requires 4 milling cutters for blanking. However, it is difficult for the four milling cutters to cut through the 18 and 20 particleboards and the MDF. This requires batch processing, which makes the processing efficiency much lower. Therefore, for the requirements of cutting, grooving and perforation of custom-made panel furniture, Jinan Ruotai CNC cutting machine adopts the configuration of “double spindle + row drilling package”, and the drilling package is arranged in four vertical and five horizontal directions. You can play different values of the aperture. Punch is more precise and more efficient. In this way, when manufacturing custom furniture, the processing code is optimally arranged, the hole position processing is performed first, and then the material processing is performed, the efficiency of the numerical control material cutting machine is improved, and the advantages of the intelligent material cutting equipment are exerted.