Advantages Of Automatic Panel Furniture Production Line

- Mar 22, 2019-

Advantages of automatic panel furniture production line

Previous furniture production lines, low efficiency, low efficiency, can not be mass produced. The automatic panel furniture production line can fundamentally solve the dilemma of furniture manufacturing enterprises. This kind of automated production machinery and equipment is not only the guarantee for mass production of enterprises, but also the guarantee for the production of personalized custom furniture. Fully automatic panel furniture production line equipment can combine the two opposite production modes of mass production and custom production, and effectively combine the advantages of both. Shorten the production cycle of personalized furniture products, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce energy consumption and reduce product costs.

      In any product processing and production process, it is done through the cooperation of various departments. The softness of panel furniture can run through the design from production to production, from store to factory, from front to back. According to the customer's customized furniture order, the panel furniture production line cutting software automatically produces various raw material lists and price lists. Each department purchases and prepares according to the list and production instructions, and then the equipment is automatically processed and produced. Can be shipped.

      The automatic plate furniture production line is made up of a combination of plate furniture splitting software, automatic CNC cutting machine, automatic edge banding machine, CNC drilling and machining center, etc. It can fully customize the cabinet, wardrobe and other customization. Planning and production of furniture. With special software for dismantling and production automation. The operation process of the automatic panel furniture production line:

      First of all, the customer directly in the store through the panel furniture splitting software store door cabinets, wardrobe explosion combination window function, directly see the planning results, saving time to factory inspection.

      Secondly, after the order is received, the data is directly transmitted back to the factory, and the software automatically generates a CNC machining code, automatically generates a billing list, and accurately calculates the stock surplus.

      Thirdly, according to the generated billing list, the plate is subjected to fine material processing by a numerically controlled material cutting machine, and the plate is automatically transported by the loading and unloading process, and the automatic labeling machine is affixed with a bar code.

      Fourth, after the scanning bar code is transferred to the full active edge banding machine to seal the edge, and then enter the numerical control drilling process, and the hardware is installed and punched. In this way, the various parts of the cabinet are finished, and can be packaged and shipped to the customer's location. After receiving the goods, the customer can combine according to the corresponding barcode.