The Grooving And Change Tools Cutting Machine Of Almighty King

The Grooving And Change Tools Cutting Machine Of Almighty King

Welcome to buy Almighty king SD-1328AL cnc router for processing Lamello slots. We have more details would like to share with you. This machine could drilling,milling,cutting. Anyone function may meet your mind. If have any question or advance please told me.
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Product Details

Standard Type Woodworking CNC Router SD-1325 with rotation axis (the vacuum table type/ the aluminum table)



  The drive is adopted high performance control motor technology to maximum the motor performance. High elect spindle, low noise, high power, fast response, dynamic ability, positioning cylinder could help the putting the plate, accurate positioning.

Though this machine have good knifes and high speed of process, but it couldn't groove on the board side.The Lamello saw bit can grooving Crescent slot that on the board face. According the finish product of right illustrate to process, single used one 1325AL couldn't complete the tight connection of the shelf and the middle frame. If buyer want complete the non holes connection of the table and shelf, need to use the follow one of two kinds of side machine to make connector slots on the board side, then assemble the P-14 or P-18 Lamello connector and finish the whole working.


On the left, the machine functions are: need human measuring the location, could groove on the front and side.

On the right, the machine functions are: could have drilling and grooving by automatic, only in the board side.


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