SUDIAO Horizontal Cnc Woodworking Side Hole Drilling Machine SH-32

The laser side hole machine is specially used to punch side holes, saving time and effort, low price, and strong practicability.
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Detailed introduction:

Panel furniture infrared side hole machine is an economical and practical panel furniture horizontal drilling equipment. It is combined with a customized panel furniture CNC cutting machine to form an economic panel furniture CNC production line, which can replace the traditional sliding table saw and row drill.

The laser side hole machine is a new technology side hole machine. It is more convenient, faster, and more accurate to process the side holes of panel furniture than manual processing, but it is cheaper than the six-sided drilling equipment and belongs to the panel furniture equipment with higher practicability. The laser measurement and control machine mainly combines the principle of photoelectric induction with the internal program of the equipment. While the equipment is running and moving, the light source emitted by the laser sensor continuously scans. When it senses the hole position of the front plate of the panel furniture, it is preset according to the internal order of the equipment. The coordinates of the side hole processing position and the hole position type and specification are used for side hole processing, and it can also be used for wood pin holes, three-in-one holes, etc., which is practical.

Machine parameters:



Max.length of workpiece


Feed height


No.of axis


Transmission type

Y reducer

Working speed


Spindle power


Working voltage


Control system


Machine size




Performance characteristics:

(1) Laser scanning, precise and fast data import, fast positioning of the plate, and open machine tool port for processing the hole position on the side of the plate, which can support the docking of various panel furniture design and production software.

(2) Intelligent production, high precision and fast speed.

(3) Three-station, double-station, and single-station can be switched at will.

(4) Applicable industries: panel furniture, whole house customization, plastic door panels, doors and windows of tables and chairs.





Company Profile:

JINAN SUDIAO CNC Router Co., Ltd was founded in 2007.We are 13 years CNC router factory.In 2007,our company obtained ISO9000,CE certification.In 2010,obtained SUDIAO trademark registration authority.Now,we are developed into the leading CNC company in civil.And in overseas,our CNC machine have been exported to worldwide.In more than 18 countries and areas,we have formed long term cooperator and agents.Our company has imported advanced international technology and production process,developing high performance,high quality machines to meet the requirements of different customers.




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Whatsapp&wechat&Facebook&phone number:+8613256134727

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