Pass-Through Keyhole Hinge Machining Center

Pass-Through Keyhole Hinge Machining Center

◆ Through type, the production line can be connection. There have two conveyor belts that can rise and fall automatically. The frequency converter controls the power of the motor and transmission direction. The plate can be front output or behind output, which is convenient for semi-automatic and full-automatic connection, or it can be used alone. ◆ The lock hole, hinge processing at the same time. This equipment has a total of six motion axes. The hinge on the other side of the plate will also be processed at the same time when the lock hole, lock step and lock slot are processed. In this way, the completion time and all kinds of process are saved. It subverts the traditional connection produce mode of multiple equipment and multiple process production. ◆ The parameters of design, don’t need to duck the software. British trio multiple axis motion controller with ESTUN HMI touch screen, humanized function, display the parameters of lock holes and hinges design. Pictures with text, convenient for beginners to learn to operate faster.
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